Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, where art thou?

Where did all the time go? I just realized that my last post was on Nov 17 2007, a little over a year ago. Perhaps instead of gracing the city packed with thousands of people drinking champagne and toasting to the New Year, the next 3 hours could be spent on reflecting upon 2008...wishful thinking. Hah.

Somehow everything seems like a blur. I see lights flashing by, coupled with framed moments from 2008. Dates and days don't seem to be making much sense - chronologically I can't seem to recall at the top of my head right this second what I have done in the past 12 months.

Nevertheless, it's been an exceedingly good year in many ways, and not so good in some ways. The not-so-good I intend to put aside and the good I intend to maintain, if not increase in 2009. Ah, optimism.

2008 has been a blessing in many ways - set designing with ICT in the local theatre scene, being back at Furious again in April re-designing the revival of Saturday Night At The Palace; new-found friends and re-connecting with childhood buddies, time spent with the family and ocassionally too much time spent with students. :) What I've missed is really time spent alone. I no longer believe in making New Year resolutions, though I've promised myself more time next year for travels, self development and healthy living.

Here's wishing YOU a wonderful New Year, filled with joy, laughter, good health and success.
CHEERS to 2009!

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Anonymous said...

with wat i recall that which i can see for myself your achivement for 2008 is the great production of Equus and the surprise exciting winning award moment of the short and sweet play directing :)

yeah the time to reflect is such a longing moment for people like us to reflect :-P *cheer*