Monday, July 30, 2007

Of Butterflies, Siam and Peaches...

Perth seemed like a dream. It came and went by so quickly. Our daily routine - jobs, pending projects, etc. kicked in the minute we arrived at KLIA on June 13th. Was actually starting to enjoy the slow, relax lifestyle in that city when reality kicked in, and I realized that I only had 2 days left to unwind myself from the show, explore the city and shop for last minute gifts...a holiday is not a holiday without one frantically purchasing last minute gifts, checking the who-did-i-forget list and more likely than not, ending up with too many boxes of chocolates in one's suitcase (tip: if you're buying chocolates, be sure that they can't be found in the duty free shops in your country).

Dama Orchestra's Butterfly Lovers was a hit in Perth, and we all had a brilliant time. It also marked the first Malaysian production to perform at the prestigious His Majesty's Theatre. This would also be my first Asian touring production. There are plans to bring the show to other cities and countries, but more of that later. Will be posting journals and photos from my 2-week stay there soon.

Since I took two weeks off work (I have great bosses) for the gig, it was payback time when I got back. Replacement classes, extra classes, LOTS of grading and then there was finals. Joe, my good friend from college turned collegue, and I are blissfully enjoying our quiet time at work while the students are on break. The only drawback to this 4-week break is that I spent 2 weeks working on The King and I, and will have to spend the next 2 working on prepping for the National Accreditation Board's visit in August.

My work with Broadway Asia Entertainment's The King and I began early July. The show played at Istana Budaya, our National Theatre, between July 13th-26th. I was hired by Intan Budaya Presentations as Technical Coordinator for the production. First gig at IB, and all I have to say is it was nothing like I expected it to be, at least after much advice that was given by others. The head of departments assigned to us were efficient and very, very courteous. The production went very well, which resulted in me getting tremendously bored with nothing to do (except for the ocassional Melissa, we need... / have a slight problem...) I almost felt bad for accepting my salary! Met some very nice BAE people, a couple of which went on tour with the Brown Brothers! (Mike and Brad - rest assured I only speak of nice things about the two of you...ha ha...) Speaking of a small world.

Next up - am designing the set for Alex Jone's Canned Peaches in Syrup. Damaso and I touched base re: Peaches about 3 weeks ago. It is always so inspiring to talk to a director like him. Went over some very general but fundamental themes and concepts for the production. Setting is post apocalyptic by the way. There are hundreds of images swimming in my head, but I have yet to come up with anything concrete. It's called mental constipation. The next few weeks will be somewhat exciting for me as I begin conceptualizing the ideas and thoughts as discussed with Damaso, and putting my drawing tools into good use again.


Written by Alex JonesDirected by Dámaso Rodriguez
October 6 - November 10, 2007
(Previews October 3-5)

Alex Jones' timely and hilarious post-apocalyptic comedy, CANNED PEACHES IN SYRUP places us in a seemingly absurd and inconvenient future, where water is scarce, the sun has gone crazy and love still survives. The world is divided into two tribes of nomadic humans: Cannibals and Vegetarians. Can star-crossed lovers Rog and Julie cross tribal lines?! Can Rog's taste for flesh be suppressed?! Can Julie deny her parents' "meat is murder" mantra?! And, who exactly is Blind Bastard? A lone can of peaches in syrup holds their fate...and the fate of all mankind.

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $15 - $25 (Previews: $12)Buy online and save!Or call 1-800-595-4TIX
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I guess it's about time to book that ticket to L.A. as well. Tentatively I will be gone between mid-September thru October 8th. Am anxiously waiting to see everyone again! Christie will be so pregnant when I get there and there's also meeting Baby Price for the first time. The kicker is that I will have a sibling by next March. My adopted parents, Shawn and Vonessa, will be expecting their first born then (and these are people who once said, Melissa - we can't even wake up in the morning, how are we supposed to have a child??) We will just have to wait and see.

LA peeps - keep your calendars free in September. Looking forward to seeing you at Peaches!