Saturday, January 27, 2007

4 more weeks to go before this short semester comes to an end. Many of you have been asking me about this new profession of mine, in hopes of hearing amusing stories about my classes and students. Since a student of mine tracked me down on Friendster a week ago, I'd better watch what I say about them here.

Funny, am actually beginning to enjoy teaching. Perhaps I am just enjoying the group I have this semester. The first week was a bit overwhelming as I was constantly worried about not doing it right. But what is right? Then there's the bit where you're worried about not being able to connect with the students. Anyhow, I think I'm slowly getting over trying to be overly anal about being prepared for class and covering every possible topic I can think of, which is not in the books. Yes, my students have been whining about the workload. To which I will always reply, "I'm just giving you your money's worth." And then I add a big smile to that.

Am leaving for Perth tomorrow with the Dama bosses and our TD. We're flying over to check out His Majesty's Theatre, where we'll be performing at in June. Very much looking forward to this mini-getaway, even if it's for work. This will be my first visit there, we'll try to sneak in a walk into the city or something. Apparently nothing happens after 5pm, so I'm also looking forward to getting some much needed sleep.

Can't believe it's 3 weeks till Chinese New Year. No CNY blog series this year since I've gotten most of it covered the last time. Plus parents will be away in Melbourne making sure their other daughter gets some TLC during the holiday yours truly will be home alone.

More after the trip!